Meet The Team

Executive Team

Rick Fogelman

Chief Executive Officer

Joined Fogelman Team – 1988

Rick Fogelman is responsible for the establishment and implementation of Fogelman’s overall business strategies, with specific focus on the company's Investment and Asset Management initiatives.

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Mark Fogelman


Joined Fogelman Team – 1994

Mark Fogelman oversees strategy and implementation relating to all aspects of the Fogelman’s property management division, corporate infrastructure and growth initiatives, while bringing the critical property management perspective to the investment activities of Fogelman and its clients.

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Justin Marshall

Chief Operating Officer

Joined Fogelman Team – 2012

Justin Marshall is responsible for leading Fogelman’s property operations and regional operating teams, which includes management of 28,000 apartment homes.

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Melissa Smith

Chief Administrative Officer

Joined Fogelman Team – 1998

Melissa Smith is responsible for both the strategy and leadership of Fogelman’s corporate departments, including human resources, shared services and real estate services.

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Will Drummond

Chief Financial Officer

Joined Fogelman Team – 2022

Will Drummond is responsible for corporate finances, investment and property accounting, and corporate planning.

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Leadership Team

Mike Aiken

SVP - Investments

Joined Fogelman Team – 2018

Mike Aiken is responsible for the sourcing, evaluation and closing of Fogelman’s real estate acquisitions.

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Kevin Jackson

SVP – Portfolio Management

Joined Fogelman Team – 1990

Kevin Jackson is responsible for the oversight of portfolio management for all of the Fogelman real estate holdings.

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Leah Jensen

SVP - Human Resources

Joined Fogelman Team – 2022

Leah Jensen is responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization.

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Rob Long

SVP - Accounting Services

Joined Fogelman Team – 2000

Rob Long is responsible for overseeing Fogelman’s accounting services teams, which provide property-level accounting and reporting services to our clients.

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David Nischwitz

SVP - Redevelopment

Joined Fogelman Team – 2012

David Nischwitz is responsible for strategy relating to value-enhancing capital improvements in the repositioning of acquisition properties as well as existing assets.

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Drew Taylor

SVP – Asset Management

Joined Fogelman Team – 2019

Drew Taylor is responsible for the Asset Management oversight of Fogelman’s real estate investments.

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Debi Wherry

SVP - Property Operations

Joined Fogelman Team – 2003

Debi Wherry is responsible for daily oversight of Fogelman’s regional operations teams. Debi also works directly with Fogelman’s clients to assist in developing, planning and implementing their asset management strategies.

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Earl Williams Jr

Family Office

Joined Fogelman Team – 2018

Earl Williams is responsible for financial, investment, and tax planning for the Fogelman Family. In additional Earl oversees and coordinates the Fogelman family’s philanthropic endeavors.

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John Barger

VP - Risk Management

Joined Fogelman Team – 2000

John Barger is responsible for strategy and oversight of ancillary programs and initiatives that provide direct benefit to Fogelman’s clients and investors.

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Melissa Brady

VP - Strategic Marketing

Joined Fogelman Team – 2020

Melissa is responsible for driving overall strategy for regional property and corporate marketing initiatives.

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Thomas Henry

VP - Acquisitions

Joined Fogelman Team – 2022

Thomas Henry is responsible for securing new multifamily investment opportunities throughout the major Texas markets.

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Michael Maxwell

Corporate Controller

Joined Fogelman Team – 2015

Michael Maxwell is responsible for Fogelman’s corporate accounting, reporting, and treasury management.

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Pattie Woods

VP - Training and Development

Joined Fogelman Team – 2000

Pattie Woods oversees all of Fogelman’s training and professional development programs and initiatives.

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Kim Young

VP - Shared Services

Joined Fogelman Team – 2007

Kim is responsible for overseeing all business systems architecture, providing strategic direction for property management software and new technology products.

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