4 Key Management Trends for 2024 with Debi Wherry.

Debi Wherry, senior vice president of property operations at Fogelman, was recently featured in Multi-Housing News on the topic of management trends in multi-family operations.

Wherry’s article highlights four key management trends for 2024 in multifamily property management:

  1. Technology Integrations: Using AI and third-party verification tools to improve efficiency, prevent fraud, and enhance resident satisfaction.
  2. Accommodations for Remote Workers: Designing spaces to attract remote workers, including home offices and communal work areas.
  3. Prevention of Renter Fraud: Implementing strict screening processes and leveraging technology to detect fraudulent applications.
  4. Economic Adaptation: Adopting strategies to navigate economic uncertainties, such as flexible leasing options and competitive rental rates.

For more details, visit the original article at Multi-Housing News.